Why this process?
The purpose of this process is to ensure that apps are deployed in a responsible and standardized manner. Although it is possible to purchase apps cheaply and more quickly than PC software, we still need to be thoughtful that we are getting the best tools for the job. In addition, we have a central management system that allows us to purchase and re-distribute apps at will, without needing to lay hands on each iPad, nor do we need to manage individual accounts for each device.

Using this process has the following goals:
1) Centralize app purchases to take advantage of volume discounts and to satisfy needs of license tracking
2) Ease the technical responsibility of end users who may not be comfortable with app deployment
3) Ensure that we follow a rubric or process for evaluating apps to ensure that they meet the needs they are being obtained for, as well as making sure that we are not using several different apps for the same purpose.

You can find the form to fill out here.  Please continue reading to view the list of apps that do not require the form.

Do I need to fill out the form if I am getting a free app?
If you are evaluating an app, we request that you use the same rubric to assess the fitness of the app for the task at hand. Although we do not need to purchase a free app, if it is going to multiple iPads - especially multiple cart-based or 1-1 iPads - we will still need to go through many of the steps in this process and this form is recommended.

If you are using a free app for yourself or a single student, you do not need this form but we encourage you to share the results with your colleagues who may have similar needs.

Rubric for assessing apps:

Below, please find the list of apps to-date that are already approved. If you are requesting one of these apps, and if that app is free, you do not need to fill out the App Request form; just send us a ticket letting us know which app and which devices. If the app you want does not appear in this list, or if it's a paid app, please send us a ticket and also fill out the App Request Form and submit it to your administrator for approval.

Already Approved for Carts and General Ed 1-1:
iTunesU                                       Google Drive                                    Amazon Kindle
Blogger                                        Google Docs, Sheets, Slides            B&N Nook
iMovie                                          Prezi                                              Spelling City
Schoology                                    Nearpod                                          Raz-Kids
EduBlogs                                     Drawing Box                                   Notability ($)
Photoshop Express                       Khan Academy                               Vimeo
Timeli                                           Flipboard                                        StopMotion

Scientific American                       Reading Rainbow                             ShowMe
Garage Band                               Acrobat Reader                                ArcGIS
ArtStudio                                     DataAnalysis                                   DropMind Lite
EQ Editor                                    Explain Everything                           FileBrowser ($)
Follett Enlight                              Geogebra                                        Gizmos
Google Mail                                 GoodReader                                    Graphic Calculator HD
HanDbase ($)                              iBooks                                             iPhoto (?$)
mySchoolBucks                          MyScript Calculator                          ShowMe
NASA Visualization Explorer        Nature magazine                              NOVA Elements
Overdrive                                     PASCO Sparkvue HD                       PowerSchool
Quizlet                                       QR Scanner ($)                                SketchBook Express
WebPrint for Print Manager          Wolfram Alpha ($)                            FirstClass
Xperica                                       FireFinger                                        DreamBox

Capti Narrator

Requires Approval:
Pages, Keynote and Numbers (these are not free for older iPads) 9.99 ea (4.98 ea if purchased qty 20 or more)
Any paid app
Any app not listed above
Any app for a student IEP

Other App Notes:

Google Chrome will not work because it is rated as a 17+ app.

Self Service is the app provided by our management software. It cannot be removed. Other apps, such as the Photo app,
Camera, Safari, etc. that are built-in and come with the iPad may or may not be able to be removed. Often we can disable their functionality through the Management software.

At this time, the filter is not able to differentiate between users. All iPads receive the default filtering package. We can lock down iPads further if it is requested, on a per-user or per-cart basis.