If you would like to have a piece of software installed that the District already owns, please submit a ticket to us.  We will check the number of licenses and work with you and the group that oversees the software to see if we can assign a license to you or purchase a new license.

If you want the District to purchase a new program, please follow the below steps:

1.  Talk with IT and your colleagues about the program you're interested in to see if we have used it before, or if we're using a different tool that fulfills the same needs.

2.  Use a trial version of the software.  If reasonable, try out a trial version of similar products to see if this really is the best tool for the job.

3.  Try to get others interested in the same product.

4.  Submit a HelpDesk ticket requesting the program.  Let us know all about the program (what it is, what it does, how it's bette than what else is out there).  Tell us how you've demoed it, and if others have tried it out as well and if they want it too.  

What IT does with your request:

 - Refer the request to Curriculum if it is a product that provides curricular support

 - Check its compatibility with our systems, and verify it's FERPA compliant

 - Get quotes from the company for the licenses

 - Try to find funding for the program.  We don't usually have much funding available that hasn't been allocated, but low-cost tools we can sometimes squeeze in.  We usually get creative and appeal to other departments; your assistance as a supporter of this program is very helpful in finding funding.

 - If we can't fund it out of this year's budget, we will roll it in to the planning of our next year's budget if we feel strongly that this program is affordable and beneficial to the District.