Smart Notebook is a program created by SmartTech which accompanies our SmartBoards.  These are devices that provide interactive touch features, turning your projector into a giant touch-screen computer.

In 2015 Smart Tech changed their licensing model for their program.  Previously, the software was free with the purchase of a Smart Board for as many people as you wanted to install it on if they were going to use the board.  The new software terms are an annual payment per classroom (we are awaiting the definition of 'classroom' for licensing purposes, to know how many devices we can install the software on).

Further complicating this, in the fall of 2015 the versions of Smart Notebook that we are currently licensed for are not supported in the latest Apple and Microsoft operating systems.  This has put pressure on us to find alternative solutions very rapidly, as our Mac clients need to have the latest version of OSX to run the other applications they need.

The chart below lists all of our Smart Notebook options.

Product Name Licensing More Information
Smart Notebook up to version 11.4 'Free' - included with our existing SmartBoards You will need a product key from the IT Department.
Not supported: Windows 8+, Mac OSX Yosemite and higher
Smart Notebook versions 12+ Free 60 day trial
Pricing starts at $54 per person per year, volume discounts may apply
Annual subscription service, must pay each year
Smart Notebook Express
Free Basic 'no-frills' Smart Notebook software.  Will open and play any full-featured Notebook file, and you can create/edit using a simplified set of tools.
Open Sankore Free Very similar to Smart Notebook, but free and open-source. 
OSX Yosemite and higher support not yet released (as of 10/15/15)
Free trial
Site license (annual subscription)
Similar to Smart Notebook, with a full set of tools.
Must pay each year.
Library of pre-assembled classroom content 

Though less intuitive for this purpose, Keynote and PowerPoint can also both be used to recreate many of the same features as Notebook.
Mac users can borrow a PC to access the full version of Smart Notebook 11.4 to continue using the old software if you need additional time to evaluate or order new software.  If you are interested in moving your existing Smart Notebook files to a different program, the easiest option is to open your Notebook files and export them as a PDF, then you can import the PDF into any of the other programs.  You will lose some of the interactivity and need to rebuild those pieces.

If you would like more information about any of these options, please send us a ticket.