PowerSchool allows parents and student to log into the program and view assignments, grades and attendance through computers  or mobile devices.  You can also set up weekly emails that report out your attendance and scores.  

Before you can log in as either a parent or a student, you will need the IDs and passwords.  These are sent home as a letter, but if you are missing that information you can call the main office.


1. On a computer, go to http://mtsd.powerschool.com.  The Parent/Student login page appears.  

2.  If you are a student, use the Student Login ID and Student Password from the letter.

     a. If you are a parent, you will need to create a Single Sign On account, which will allow you to add multiple students to your single login account.  Each parent/guardian will have their own sign-in account.

     b. On the Sign In window, click the Create Account tab (under the logo), then click the blue Create Account button.

     c. Fill in the boxes for your first and last name, and your email address.  Then select your desired username.  This will be the user name that you log in with.  In the Password and Re-Enter Password boxes, type in the password that you would like to use.  The user name and password here are NOT the Access ID or password on the letter.

     d.  Under the heading "Link Student to Account," this is where you type the names of the students you would like to view.  In the first box type the first and last name of your student.  Then in the Access ID and Access Password boxes, type in the information from the letter you received.  Finally, select your relationship to the student in the drop-down list provided.

     e.  When you have finished filling out your own information and the information for each student you would like to add, then click the blue Enter button at the bottom of the window.

Mobile Apps

The PowerSchool mobile apps will ask you to search for the school by zip code.  Once you attach to the District, you will be ask for the District code.  It is LCZZ.