To set up your Milton iPad, please go through the following steps to configure the device and your accounts.

Please note that the order of items 1 (Device Set up) and 2 (iTunes account) can be reversed.  If you have access to a computer with iTunes, it saves you a little time on your iPad setup to have the account created first.

1. Device Set Up
The iPad starts out with a white screen saying "Hello" in many different languages.  After you swipe the screen to continue, you will need to follow the on-screen prompts to set up your iPad.  The exact steps depend on the version of iOS installed on your iPad.  About halfway through the process, you will reach a screen which says: "MILTON TOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT will configure your iPad."  When you tap next it will download our configurations from the server, then prompt you for a username and password.  This login is the same that you would use to sign into a Windows computer at the school.  It is not your Apple ID or email login.  If you do not remember your computer login, please see the IT Department to reset your password.
Once you complete the setup assistant, you will need to set up your iTunes account using your school email if you have not yet done so.

2. Create an iTunes account

Follow these steps to create an account that does not need a credit card:

After you fill out the registration forms, you will receive an email asking you to verify your account.  It will have a link you need to click on, then you'll need to put in your Apple ID (email address) and password.

If at any time you forget your Apple password, you can open a web browser on any computer and go to the website You can reset via email or answer your security questions to unlock it.
The final step of this process is to log into these accounts in Settings on your iPad, which will finish the verification process on the account.

3. Turn on Find My iPad

When your Apple ID is created, you will need to go to two places in Settings and sign in.

First to go to Settings > iCloud and sign in with the Apple ID. Turn on/off the options you wish to automatically sync.  Please be aware that you only have 5gb of free storage in your iCloud account, so if you take a lot of photos you may not want to automatically sync these.  You MUST turn on Find My iPad, which will help you recover your device if it is lost or stolen.

Next please go to Settings > App and iTunes Stores and sign in as well.  Again, you will want to select which items are automatically synced across devices sharing this Apple ID.  We don't recommend automatically downloading apps, especially if you use VPN apps or others on your personal devices that violate school policy.

You can use Settings > App and iTunes Stores to switch between a personal account and a school account.  You will need to keep the school account logged in so that you can receive apps and ebooks that we assign to you, but it's okay to switch for a few minutes to download a personal app (provided that app meets school policy).

4. Link your account to VPP (our app/ebook distribution system)

Go to the Self Service app and tap Accept under the "VPP Invitation". This will link the Apple ID with the server so that we can send you apps. Once connected, you can download these apps by going to the App Store, and look at the “Purchased’ section.

If you do not see a VPP Invitation, that means that either you have already accepted it, or you are not on the correct list.  Please see the IT Department for further assistance.

5. Download some great apps!

Some good ones to start with are Schoology and PowerSchool, if they're not already on your devices.  The District Code for PowerSchool is LCZZ.  Apps that the school pushes to you will be located in the Purchased link of your account.  We try not to micromanage your apps or block more than we need to, so please help us all out by downloading appropriate apps and using them responsibly.  During school hours, we expect you to use your device for school work only, and read books or use non-social, appropriate sites during your down time while here.

We do have the ability to filter or restrict iPads at home, if necessary.