Below is the fee schedule for equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged.

Please note the following circumstances:

 * Each incident is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and your principal is the final determiner of any assessed fines

 * Adjustments may be made to your amount for income sensitivity

If you are issued a fine, please speak with your principal to discuss the status, amount, or to make a payment.  Your principal's office will initiate the billing process and send a letter if they determine that a charge is applicable to your case.

The following outline is what we use to determine which fines to issue.  The fine on this chart may not be your final amount, based on your circumstances and the decisions of administration.  Please use the below numbers as a guide only.


All equipment that has been lost will be charged the full replacement value.  An item is marked as lost if the person says it is lost or discarded, or if the item has not been returned within six months of its due date back to IT.  

 * For large items such as iPads and netbooks, we make several attempts to recover the device and get it checked in.  The steps are:

     1. Contact the student via phone or email.

     2. Call the student down to the main office (during the school year).

     3. Use school personnel such as behavior interventionists to locate the student personally and discuss the matter (during the school year).

     4. Call home to the family.

     5. Contact the Milton Police Department to attempt recovery.


If your equipment has been stolen, you will need to work quickly to try and get it back if possible:  Report the device missing to IT, so that they can assist in locating the device.  If the device cannot be easily located, you will need to file a police report to have it listed as officially stolen.  MPD will attempt recovery.  The IT Department will flag your device as stolen and you will not be charged a replacement cost.


An item is considered damaged when it no longer looks gently used; however not all damage is worthy of a fee.  We only assess fees if the item cannot continue on with its expected lifespan for reasons other than normal wear and tear or manufacturer defect.  Please bring your damaged items to IT and we will assess it, and provide you with a replacement.  Do not discard broken items, as we cannot assess them to see if the 'normal wear and tear' label applies, and you will be charged the full replacement amount.  The below list is the amounts we charge for items whose damage is not considered normal wear and tear (which includes breaks, cracks, rips, graffiti or vandalism).

iPad Cable                        $20

iPad Charger Brick         $20

iPad Glass (under 3 year warranty)     $50

iPad Glass (out of warranty)                $200

iPad (whole)                     $400

iPad Keyboard                 $60

iPad Cover                       $30 (Dux rugged)     $20 (SmartCover)

Netbook Power              $35

Netbook Battery            $35

Netbook Screen            $65

Netbook (whole)           $300

Per School Board Policy, there is a $50 per incident deductible for accidental damage.  An accident occurs when there is no suspicion of intentional damage, neglect, or other extenuating circumstances.  To avoid paying any more than the deductible, you must:

 - Keep your device in its protective cover if one is issued

 - Report any damages to your protective cover immediately so that it can be replaced

 - Report any minor cracks or damage before it gets worse

 - Keep your device safe at all times.  If you are not using it, it should be in your locker or in a safe location (not out in a classroom, locker room, etc.)

Before repairing your device, IT will make attempts to contact you to ensure that your data is backed up before wiping the device.  These attempts could be in the form of a personal conversation, phone call, email, or message to your teachers or the main office.  However, if we cannot get a hold of you within 3 days, then the device may be wiped.  All devices will be wiped and updated every summer.  IT is not responsible for lost data.