Most of the time, your assigned device is your primary tool for completing your school work.  However, when that tool isn't working correctly, it can be a real frustration.  We want to get your computer or iPad working quickly again, so that you don't lose any time on your assignments.  Please review the following information about what happens when you come down to the HelpDesk.

I. Password Resets

II. Annual Device Check-In / Check-Out (picking up your iPad or netbook at the beginning of the year and returning it at the end)

III. Visiting the HelpDesk for Repairs

I. Password Resets

We use a lot of different educational tools here, which means there are a lot of logins to keep track of.  Some systems very easily allow us to let others reset passwords, and other systems are more difficult so fewer people are able to help you with that.  The following is a list of systems and who can give you a hand in a pinch.

Computer Login IT, Library
Google / MyMTSD IT, Library, MMS Math Teachers,
MHS teachers: Mr. Furlong, Mr. Heller, Mr. Lavoie, Mr. Wyndorf
Schoology Open Safari and go to  Click "Forgot Password."
IT can also reset your password.
PowerSchool IT, Guidance, Main Office, Your MHS teacher
Mathia and Cognitive Tutor IT, Your math teacher

II. Annual Device Check-In / Check-Out

The following is what happens when a device comes to us for check-in/check-out

 1. Do we have a permission form on file?
  * This can be obtained by parent phone call by a principal in situations where the student's day will be disrupted by not having the iPad
  * We can also accept a principal's OK to override this for a few days, like we would with a loaner 

 2. Inventory
  * Check the device in (or renew)
  * Check in or renew the accessories
    - If any accessories are missing and the student doesn't know where they are, they are marked as lost
    - If items are stolen with a police report, it gets marked as stolen. If it's something small like a cable, we mark it as lost but add a note to the 'Lost' flag indicating the student believes it was stolen.  The student should report it to Carol or Greg, and it will appear on our Lost/Damaged list that we review periodically with the principals so that we can make a decision on it.
  * Look at the list of other items assigned, such as keyboards, and inquire about the status.  Everything should be checked in or removed.

3. Assess the item. Does it work, and is it free of damage?
  * If it's damaged, we prepare a replacement, and add a note in the inventory
  * We check the settings and ensure that it's linked to the management program.
    - If there's something wrong here, we may need to wipe the iPad to fix it.
  * All iPads are wiped during the summer. We try to avoid wiping mid-year, as it's disruptive
  * Recreate & apply any missing labels 

4. If the device was not turned in over the summer, we need to look at the management software and make sure it's not marked as lost or disabled.  We may need to wipe and update it if this was not done over the summer. 

For devices that are free of damage and are up-to-date, this is a very quick process, just a couple of minutes. If the iPad battery is dead, if the iOS version is very old, or if it's broken, or if something is missing, then this adds time to our process.

III. Visiting the HelpDesk for Repairs

1. Locations

  * The IT offices are located in the Library at the Elementary-Middle School

  * The High School's IT offices are downstairs, next to the stairs, across from the Athletics office.  We have two offices here.

2. Office Hours

  Office Hours are times when we are guaranteed to be available in the office, unless an emergency or illness requires us to close.

  * The Elementary-Middle office hours are 7:30-8:30am and 1:30-2:30 pm.  

  * The High School office hours are 7:30-10am and 1:30-3:00 pm. 

  * All IT Offices are closed on Wednesday afternoon for our weekly IT meeting.

3. Be Ready

  * Create a ticket ahead of time if possible.

  * Back up your data if you can.  Save important docs to Google Drive (all), your H-Drive (netbooks), or iCloud (iPads).

  * Make sure that your device is charged up.  We can't work on a device until it turns on.

  * If you have a problem with your device charging, bring your charger with you so we can check it out.

  * Ensure you have turned in all of your permission forms.  Extra copies are available in the main office.

4. Service Times

  Each situation is unique, so keep in mind that the times listed below are approximate.  There are a lot of things that can affect our ability to turn things around in a timely manner.  These include: 

  * time of year (the start of school is always crazy, as are end of each marking period, before exams, and during SBAC and other big tests)

  * whether you're ready (see the list above)

  * if we're currently working on an urgent situation 

  * some situations require us to get administrator approval to return or replace items

  * sometimes we run out of replacement items when there's a big rush.  We try to anticipate these and stay ahead, but sometimes it just can't be predicted.

 Approximate service times:

 These times are how long it takes us to do these items.  Sometimes we can help you right away, and other times when there is a long line or we are busy with other tasks, we will take the device, work on it, and you will need to come back later to pick it up.  Sadly at the start of the year, this can sometimes be a couple of days because of how many folks are checking out devices, needing new ones, or getting replacement pieces.  Please come ready for help (see list #3 above) to minimize this time for everyone.

  * Update a setting (such as remove VPN app): 15 minutes

  * Helping to set up an iPad (such as iTunes account, setup menus, etc.): 30 minutes

  * Wiping & updating an iPad (1 hour)

  * Prepare a replacement iPad (2 hours)

  * Imaging a laptop/netbook (2 hours)