Please ensure your devices are ready for SBAC testing well ahead of our spring testing window, which starts in mid-March. The test software is available starting in the fall, and is pushed to all devices by the end of January. To verify that you have the correct version of the test software, please locate the section for your device, and follow the instructions to view what version of the software you have, and how to update to the latest version if needed.

If you normally use a personal device from home for your school work and would like to use it for SBAC testing, please see the IT Department by February 10 to test your device.

1) Open the App Store app
2) Go to the Purchased tab

3) Look for "AIRSecureTest" in your list of downloaded apps. 
4) Under the app name it will note which version you have.  You need to be on Version 3.1
5) If the button next to the app says OPEN, then you are all set.  If the button is a CLOUD or if the UPDATE button is available, tap to initiate updating to the latest version.  

 a. If you do not have the app, you can download it from the App Store or Self Service.  You should have had the app automatically sent to you, so if it did not arrive we recommend you come to IT to ensure your iPad is set up correctly to receive apps.

PC Laptops (Dell, HP)

1) Locate the VTSecureBrowser program on your computer's desktop and open it.
2) On the sign-in screen, look at the bottom of the box, below the Sign In button.  You should see a message that says: Secure Browser v8.
3) If you have a version lower than this, reboot your computer and it should automatically download it from the server when you log back in.  If it does not, visit the IT office to have your software updated.