To export your contacts out of FirstClass and import into Google, refer to the steps below.  Please be aware that mail lists or groups that you have set up in FirstClass contacts cannot be exported, and will need to be re-created.  There are a few workarounds for those with lengthy and complex mail lists.

1.  In FirstClass, click on the Contacts button to open your contacts.

2.  On the File menu, choose Export.

3.  In the first box, choose "All Contacts."  In the second box, select "For use with Outlook / CSV" as the export type.  Although Google can receive a vCard/vcf file, if there are errors with the export then we will need to have it in CSV format to troubleshoot.  Click OK.

4.  Choose a meaningful file name, such as "My FirstClass Contacts".  We recommend that you save this file to your H drive, so that you have it as a back-up just in case.  Click Save.

5.  A progress bar will appear while your contacts are exported.  This will take up to two minutes.  If you have mail lists/groups, you will notice that these appear separately with a notation that the item could not be imported and has been skipped.  This is normal behavior.

6.  When the export has finished, log in to your Google Mail account, and switch to Contacts.  You do this by clicking on the word Mail in the upper-left hand corner, and choose Contacts.

7.  On the Contacts toolbar, click the More button.  From the drop-down list, choose Import.

8.  On the window that appears, click Choose file to browse for the contacts file that you exported earlier.  When you select this file, then click Import.

9.  Your contacts list should import quickly.  If you get an error stating that the file could not be processed, please contact the IT Department.

10.  You will now see all of your FirstClass contacts in Google.  To re-create your mail lists, select the checkboxes next to the contacts you want to create a new mail list for.  Then on the Contacts toolbar, click the Mail List icon (bar with 3 dots).  Select the list to add them to, or click Create New to create a new mail list for this collection.