The IT Department sets up and maintains large group mailing lists, for easy shared access to "all staff" and "all student" groups.  We rely on the help of admin assistants and teacher volunteers to keep the lists up-to-date as staff and students move between schools and groups.  

To use the large lists:

1. You must be logged in to your Google account to send these messages.  
  • They will send only to the faculty-staff/student Google email accounts.
  • They are not accessible from FirstClass, and they will not send to FirstClass. 
  • If you create the message in FirstClass, just BCC your mymtsd address.  When you receive it in your Google account you can then forward the message to your Google staff lists.
  • These lists are only available to Administrators, Admin Assistants, and the IT Department.  If you are not in these groups but would like to be able to use these lists, you will need to obtain permission from your principal.

4. Remember to BCC large groups to prevent reply-all of sensitive information.  When you start composing the message, click the "Bcc" in the upper-right corner of the message window to access the BCC line.

3. To add the group to your message recipients, start typing the name of the group into your bcc recipient line, then click on the group to add them
    • Typing "fac" will display the faculty lists.
    • Typing "staff" will show you staff lists
    • To access the MS-HS student lists, start typing "gy20" and the student lists will appear. 

4. Admin Assistants have the ability to manage these lists. If we missed someone when we first added them, or if the person has changed roles and needs to be on a new list, you may be able to edit that, and the updates will save for everyone. If you are unable to edit the list for your school, please let us know so that we can fix that for you. To add people to the list:

a. Go to and log in with your MyMTSD account (you can also use your 'waffle' and select Groups).

b. Click on the name of the group in the left side bar.

c. Click on the Gear (Settings) icon in the upper-right corner. Select "Settings" from the menu that appears. 

d. There are six sets of options on the left-hand menu (your mileage may vary). Click on "Members," then click "Direct Add Members"

e. In the first box "Enter email addresses...", type in the MyMTSD email addresses of those person(s) you would like to add. Leave the other options as default, and click the blue "Add" button at the top of the window.

*** Please do not add people to these lists who do not belong there.  Not only are these shared lists, but these lists are also used to assign access to folders and documents.  If you would like to add additional people only for your own mailings, please create a private contact group and include those persons in your messages. ***

6. In order to send to the group and manage the members of a group, you must be part of the group. This isn't usually an issue, but this does mean if you are in District or MS-HS, you'll also be in the student groups and get their messages as well. Don't want to receive all those messages? You can turn that off:

a. Go to and log in with your MyMTSD account (you can also use your 'waffle' and select Groups).

b. Click on the name of the group in the left side bar.

c. Click the icon of the person-gear in the upper-right corner of the screen. When you hover over this icon it will say "My settings".

d. From this menu click on "Membership and email settings"

e. In the middle, there is a line called "Email delivery preference". Even though there isn't a box around it, you can click on the text next to it and select your message preferences. You may want to change this to "Send daily email summaries". If you select "Don't send email updates," you can still go to this Groups page and view the past messages that others have sent.

f. Click Save.

7.  We can make more groups for you.  If there are large groups that you need to share between mutliple people, we can set a 15 minute appointment to discuss your needs and set up a group.

There are groups that are nested within other groups.  Please refer to the chart below to see what groups are available.