In the fall of 2016 the High School wireless network was migrated to the Meraki system.  For most people, day-to-day use of the wireless network will remain unchanged.  However, there are a few changes that we are documenting here for your convenience.

  1. When connecting your work device (laptop, iPad, computer), continue to use the wireless network named "MTSD".  Students and staff using personal laptops to work will also be able to connect to MTSD.
  2. Personal mobile devices, will be directed to the MTSD_Guest wireless network.  iPhones, other mobile phones, smart watches, iPods, Wiis and personal gaming devices, etc. are not permitted on the school's main wireless network.  When attempting to connect your device to MTSD, you will see an error "The network's administrator has prevented you from using the network."  Instead, if you have an educational need to use your device at school, please connect to MTSD_Guest or use your device's existing service (AT&T, Verizon, etc.).
The MTSD_Guest network is separated from the main network, and provides filtered Internet content.  If you do not want your device to have the school's Internet filtering applied to your browsing, then you will need to turn wi-fi off on your personal device and use your phone's regular connection if available.  Use of VPN apps and services to circumvent the filter is a violation of our Acceptable Use Agreements and may result in your device being banned from the network.

To connect your device to the MTSD_Guest network, go into your device's Settings, and open up your Wi-Fi settings.  Select the MTSD_Guest network.  After connecting, you will be prompted to accept the MTSD Guest Terms of Use.  Your device's web browser should pop up a window titled "MTSD Guest" and with a long page of terms.  If nothing happens, or if you receive an error message such as "Unavailable" or "The site can't be reached", then open the web browser and type in this address:  Review the content of the terms and scroll all the way to the bottom.  Tap on the large yellow button marked "Continue to the Internet".  You will need to accept the Guest network terms once every 24 hours.

Traffic from personal mobile devices has increased exponentially in the last several years, and has caused some problems on the network.  As we move towards more of our educational tools and assessments being delivered online, we need to ensure the availability of our services for those purposes.  To that end, the goal of disallowing personal mobile devices is not to punish anyone, but rather to ensure that we are able to utilize our limited resources for their intended purpose.  We appreciate your support in these efforts.  If you have a legitimate educational need for your personal mobile device to be on the MTSD network instead of MTSD_Guest, please stop by the IT office to discuss this with us.