There are many members of our school community who are known by a nickname or middle name, as opposed to their legal name.  By default, when new persons are added to our IT systems, they are inputted using their legal name.  There are also life changes such as marriage and divorce which cause a name change to occur.  To change change your name in all systems:

  1. Submit a request in writing to Information Technology and Human Resources requesting the change.
  2. When Human Resources approves the change, we can adjust the accounts.
    1. Your username in email and computer logins, as well as other systems may change (example: Robert Jones (rjones) becomes Bob Jones (bjones)).
    2. Your old user name becomes an email alias, to ensure that mail is still delivered consistently.  Bob Jones would continue to be able to receive mail as both rjones@ and bjones@.
    3. PowerSchool records update, and for faculty your new display name will update on the parent portal wherever it is associated with student schedules.