Is your iPad not working as it should?  It's very common that "suddenly" something doesn't work right.  As for any computer, it just needs to be rebooted once in awhile to clear memory and start fresh.  It's amazing how many "unrelated" things can be affected.

- frozen - no response to touch

- app opens then closes quickly

- can no longer type in a field

- won't print

- won't charge

It's a very long list!  To reboot, carefully press and hold the sleep/wake button *and* the home button.  "Carefully" because it requires your full attention to press the sleep/wake firmly enough (with the iPad in a case) while *gently* pressing the home button.  Hold these two buttons until the Apple logo appears, then release the buttons and allow the iPad to reboot.  If something still isn't working right, please bring your device to IT - we can help!

1 - press and hold sleep/wake button and home button

2 - release the buttons when the Apple logo appears