Screenshots can be very handy, you never know when you'll need one!


Press and hold the sleep/wake button

Immediately press the home button

Find the screenshot in the Camera Roll (Photos app > Albums > Camera roll)


Command-Shift-3                  Capture the entire screen and save to a file (usually the desktop)

Command-Shift-Control-3    Capture the entire screen to the clipboard

Commnad-Shift-4                  Capture a section of the screen to a file (press Spacebar to capture just a window)

Command-Shift-Control-4    Capture a section of the screen to the clipboard (press Spacebar to capture just a window)

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Use the Snipping Tool - Press the Win key (start) - begin to type snipping (or look in All Programs)

Right click on the Snipping Tool and pin to Start Menu, or pin to Taskbar, so it will be handy for next time

Just click 'new' - the default is set for "rectangular" snip - so click and drag to capture a portion of the screen.  After you snip something, you have choices.  You can draw with different pens, highlight, erase - then save to a file, copy to the clipboard, or send right to email.  These options are also available on the "text" menu above the icons.  From the menu, you have one additional option:  File > Print.

[ the textual menu, as well as the editing tools, shows up after you capture something ]

[ File > Print ]

You also have more options for the type of snip you want to capture.  Click on the ▼ dropdown next to New to reveal the choices - Free-form, Rectangular, Window, Full-screen.

As with most things, there are many ways to accomplish the same thing.  Enjoy!

Oh - you might want to check out the Solution in the helpdesk for Keyboard shortcuts (Mac, Windows) - they are small "gifts" that can transform your relationship with your computer ; )