Each student and employee who spends time with Milton Town School District makes an impact on our community, and also leaves a digital trail of their time here.  When students and employees leave Milton Town School District, some of these technology pieces need to be addressed.

For BOTH Students and Employees:

  1. Review the contents of your online accounts.  If you have projects or work not yet completed, finish those items.  Then, organize the remaining files.
  2. Each system has its own method for downloading or transferring files, and we've listed those that we are aware of in the appropriate student/employee sections below.
  3. On your last day, you must turn in all assigned IT equipment directly to the IT Department.  Failure to do so will result in appropriate action, up to and including a police report.
  4. Google:
     - To transfer personal files to your personal Google account, Google has a service called Transfer (formerly Takeout).
     - To transfer professional files, first create an appropriately named folder, such as "Melissa's folder for Jane".  Place all files for the destination recipient in that folder.  Then go into Sharing Permissions and change the recipient to Owner.  (You may have to Save first before you can change to Owner.)  Click Save.
  5. H-Drive:
    Review the contents of your H drive.  If you want to keep these files you will need to copy them to a personal storage location, such as a personal Google account, or a flash drive.
  6. Apple ID:
    You will want to either 
    change your email address on your Apple ID to a personal email address, or create a new Apple ID if you have personal Apple devices that you had configured to use your school Apple ID.

For Students:
We recognize that your school email address may be valuable to you as you transition to work or college.  Your Google account will remain open for at least one year after graduation, and then ongoing as long as you stay active in your account at least every three months.  After your account goes idle, it will be deleted.

For Employees:
  1. Information on how to take your Schoology materials with you.
  2. If you have a loose collection of notes that you need to transfer to a new employee, we recommend creating a Google Doc or a Google Keep note and sharing/transferring that file to your supervisor.
  3. Create a folder in Google and/or H-drive of items you want transferred to your successor and let IT know where to find it.
  4. Your accounts will be deactivated after your last day.  If you are working on special projects, then your principal or administrator can approve temporary extensions to keep some or all of your accounts open.  It is imperative that they get this information to us before your last day, as some accounts may get deleted.
  5. Remember - you are not allowed to take student records with you.  When collecting your materials together, ensure that no student records are part of that collection.